HERITAGE CITY ABIA when completed will be one of most beautifully planned cities in Nigeria. It will be set on 835 hectares of lush green Savannah with the IMO River as a key feature meandering the western border. Designed around the style and comforts offered by the most advanced cities whilst retaining broad African influences, Abia Heritage City will be the best place in the South-East to live, work, learn, play and shop.

The residential plots will present breathtaking views of a golf course, lakes and reserved green areas. Irrespective of the plot sizes, the city will deliver a lifestyle of luxury, serenity and security.

Facts & Numbers
City Area: 835 Hectares
Estimated Population: 35,000 inhabitants
General Space Requirements in the
proposed city.
Public Open Spaces, Streets, Infrastructure and
Administration – 250 Hectares (30%)
Shopping Center and Industrial Area –
125 Hectares (15%)
Recreational Facilities – 43 Hectares (5%)
Residential Area – 420 Hectares (50%
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